Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Deprogramming process
Here I am going to explain the process of deprogramming how it goes through stages, revealing pieces at a time, to make memory retrieval more manageable. I think the higher self governs this process to protect the individual as much as possible .although often the trauma to be retrieved may be extremely hard and feel overwhelming with only the tiniest piece of recall.

By using a real example of a memory unfolding in recall. I can convey to you how the process works. In this instance the initial flashback the child was getting was one of staring at a candle.

I asked her to write out all she could on this e.g. I asked for what she was wearing? What was her hairstyle .what was the temperature? How did she feel? Then what could she see?
She could see past experience visually; in detail.
She wrote she was in red skirt, black shiny shoes, white top. Her hair was in a pony tail and tat she was sitting on a chair; in a dark room. But gradually the light from the candle showed some aspects.
Through writing this down I was able to ask more questions on it, like what is in the room, what shape is the room? She wrote the answers down and gradually she could see clearer and clearer aspects of the room, she could see boxes piled in the corner and a doorway and a window to her left. Then later she could see a candle holder (Hanukkah menorah), on the window sill. And a picture on the wall with horses on.

I must stress to begin with she didn’t have clarity of the room, like it was too dark ,but gradually like a clearing mist the vision came clearer.

I asked her to estimate her age. She recalled some man lifting her onto the chair; a normal house hold table chair.
Through the collection of details like hair style and height in relation to chair etc she estimated she was age 1 and half. Which sounded about correct, because she was returned to her mother age 3 and all programming happened in ‘care ‘.

A day after these revelations she became able to see clearly details on the man, he was white, wearing builders boots, jeans and a white t shirt. The following day after conflict in her mind she realised she recognised the man as her uncle we had seen a couple of times and she added that on those occasions she felt sick when she saw him. She didn’t know why.

She then recalled him coming in and out the room and saying something to her, but she couldn’t hear what, but could see his mouth moving.

I drew from her descriptions the room for her.

Through more deprogramming she then recalled staring at the candle burning in front of her.
After her uncle left the room she could see a woman in the candle , she said she was standing a bit like Jesus on the cross, her held down , a white woman looking sad, in a orange and yellow dress ;striped with diagonal. Lines.

She recalled sitting there and how it became dark then day light came and eventually her uncle came back, and through her looking to see what happened next she recalls he called her by a different name and she runs from the room happily out the door, down the hall way to a living room, furnished with settee TV, she describes each part of the route on the way to room. I drew what I perceived and she confirmed it. She was able to describe the next room again slowly, first furnishings, then whom was in the room. Which firstly was a woman from