Mind control and racism

Someone suggest to me that the Ruling elite had plans to wipe out Black race, but the someone is Black. They say Black people mind controlled to be, victims.

I pointed out that if the ruling elite wanted to wipe out ;since the beginning of time , why have they failed. They more likely want to cull Black people and control them. Utilize for their gain.

But lets expand the thought . They oppress Black people . Why? they cull Black people ,Why? 
Could it be because they are threatened by Black people.
I know we are taught we all come from Africa originally, but lets say that's wrong. and in truth I don't know where , whom that theory come from and really probably is just that, a theory!

So lets suggest another theory, although I know little on origin of race. Lets suggest there are a few races on this planet and that they are different ,I don't know how  , I don't know why . Just know they are different for some reason. Not just Black and White, but look at Chinese ; they have 'yellow' skin and slant eyes. So they are different races , with different characteristics , like breeds of dog . I don't really know , not my area of study. But lets say different and accept it.

Yes then what i say here gets into big political arenas and causes arguments, because some will say that sort of talk can cause racism; believing we different and yet we are all one. But yes we are all one Human race.

So back to the question, why do the ruling elite want to wipe out Black people?

Well firstly the whole system is based on divide and rule . So that is the first and utmost reason for oppression of Black people.

But they create ingrained prejudice in society that Black people are inferior , White superior. Consequently White people raised with subliminal and sometimes blatant message that they are superior.and Black people inferior.
It is a concept created , manipulated and integrated and disseminated throughout the world,with the capitalist structure belief system.

The black people in truth are raised within this system, structure struggling to counter act these false beliefs , and raise awareness to Black people and the rest of the world that they are not inferior. therefore always in a position of defence.

But let look again, lets accept there are different races and there are genetic differences for some reason. That does not mean superior or inferior exists, When seeing races as a whole.

A rockwhiler will protect you better than any Yorkshire terrier , if your up against a large enemy. But if you enemy is the size of a rat, then the little Yorkshire terrier is breed genetically for that. Neither dog is superior; they are different.

Now why does the ruling elite use oppressive divisive thoughts, and rules in place regarding racism. we are not able to discuss freely the topic , like I am trying to do here.

I am not trying to show one superior race, just different. Bringing different things to the plate.  Like men and women are different, but with abilities they are on continuum's , and maybe that is how we should view race, different but on continuum's.

Blue eyes are inferior for perception. for the light get through iris and visual illusion are more likely , research shows. White peoples hair on the whole is weaker, thinner , but we don't have a belief system that judges on such things. For it doesn't serve the ruling elite agenda.

white people can't survive in the sun as well as black people. Again this is on a continuum .and relates to skin tone for black people and white. Melanin pigmentation is an aspect of Blackness , White people have freckle's. We don't judge freckle in society; unless they on the face , then in fashion they must be hidden. The melanin must be removed from view.

I have seen writings on other qualities of melanin by Black  researchers and writers. In fact when you look at these sorts of differences White people do not come out looking superior. But I am sure there are aspects of White people that aid their existence. I don't know of research , but I know Black people often express they feel cold more.

I am not trying to say which qualities are the best , I am trying to say different races do have differences but we are all HUMAN .

With regards to mind control the ruling elite divides and rules; creating prejudices where they want them, to manipulate all of us, to think like they want us to, for their own ends.

This process is seen also in the way they hide truths of history from us, like the Olmec in Mexico . How come they were there? and ruled there? the ruling elite let us learn history of Aztec's but not Olmec.

They teach us how Christopher Columbus discovered the world, but many traveled the seas before him.
Africans trading in Atlantic ocean with West coast Irish people , but they hide these truths.another sub-race group Irish oppressed, see how it works.

They make history look like white man , first built boat, but Noah built Ark , I don't know his race!

See they have bamboozled us all, what ever race they teach us half truths. Yes Columbus sailed but what about the others, no they make him the star.

Another distortion on history is regarding slavery , we are only told about Black slaves and indented slaves. No one speaks about the white slave. But many Irish , British were taken as slaves to America and the Caribbean. This history again is hidden. Like the Story of Oliver Twist , its twisted perception going on. We shown Oliver a poor orphan, but truth is he was a child slave. But ruling elite steer our perception away from seeing White people ever as slaves; and help create illusions of superiority, 'Braitains never never never shall be slaves' goes our British national anthem. Whilst Black people continue to be portrayed as victims, left thinking, 'Oh why us, why were we the slaves? '...no one being shown the game going on to create these constructs for divide and rule.

Meanwhile we put against each other. struggling with racism, superior /inferior conflicts and belief systems, instead of coming together and uniting as one people , one race ; the HUMAN RACE. What ever colour eyes , hair or skin we done with race being divided by one master.

Together we can smash this crippling, unproductive in-human belief system down, and re-build a fair equal world together; as one.

Enslavement of all races
Slavery is refereed to as though it was a thing of the past, but it never really went away. Yes black people were emancipated from being owned as slaves, in the triangle trading sense , but it didn't end though,in the world at all.

We got slavery all over but it's being hidden from our consciousness. There are children working as slaves in Cocoa plantations, and the half truth acknowledged , can be seen in the existence of the 'faiir trade ' label.  But if someone doesn't know what the fair trade label means, then they can stay unconscious to the fact that all other chocolate they eat with out the fair trade label is a product of slavery.

Same with cloths, child slaves in that industry too. Elsewhere children are sold as sex slaves. This also is the case for adults, but I speak of the children in hope that I touch some part of you , the reader to feel the disgust with how well we are programmed , world wide to just accept slavery going on ,elsewhere.

Where is the uprising against such in humanity. Regardless of race , all races of children and adults are enslaved within our world ;and they are in need of a voice. Silenced are they , unheard , rarely shown on our TV, in our magazines or on our radio.

But we are being sheltered from this ugly truth. Steered away from focusing on it.

But meanwhile there is even more;nastier , most appalling forms of slavery going on and has been for centuries; Trauma based mind controlled slavery' where the slave has no awareness of this being so , unless they sell out to be a house slave, and then they are given some awareness and led to believe it's there only choice.  For they are shown what aspects are involved , how 'powerless' they are as an individual and experience of life has been one of feeling powerlessness ;in hidden alters within themselves. With no hope of overcoming their oppression. They sell their souls, due to lack of hope in the human race uprising.

All races are involved in it. And it has gone on from the beginning of time. How are we to bring this to awareness , when slavery that is not removed our collective consciousness is so uncomfortable for people to view.

If we as people of the world join together with our eyes open we can overcome the oppressor , slave master.

Let's all do our best to bring this awareness into global consciousness, support each other in the struggle to make this happen by facing the horrid truth.

I believe by bringing the issue to consciousness we will overthrow the ruling elite.  It is only through their manipulation of our innate defence mechanisms of denial are they able to keep us ALL enslaved.

The whole slavery system is reliant on denial, from the bar of chocolate you eat, to the enslavement of the whole family blood line of all races around the globe. Without their consent or awareness. All whether mind controlled slaves ,slave masters or some exempt from family generational blood lines. All are enslaved. This is because of the defence mechanism denial. In a therapeutic sense a patient in denial needs to talk about issues denying to emancipate themselves from the psychological bondage denial creates.

Through talking about issues the patient comes to terms with what is really the matter at hand and once out of denial they can move into acceptance; and release their pain. The emotions they are running from and find new ways to live life with their new awareness of the issues. Healing their pain and adapting and creating a new way forward.

Let us face our feelings and thoughts regarding  the disgusting ,in human ways we allow others to treat babies and adults, fellow humans. Lets give them a voice and an arena to be heard , seen and healed. Lets heal together our collective mind and bring to consciousness what we don't want to face, our dark dirty hidden truths. Instead of pushing to back of our minds , lets raise our conscious awareness and become proud of our race , the HUMAN RACE.

One love