Hear me Feel me....a song written by 'The Mother' and me.... on how to deprogram.

The Mothers story is covered in the section on this connective websites higherinsight4

 Recall site used for Trauma based mind control programming, with song cover of Uprising by Muse

This is where memories of horrific abuse took place....in Walton -on - Naze
 , UK

 Hear me  feel me...... song on how to deprogram from mind control

These are programming site memories from Margate...
the hospital has a bad history,,,bow is flats but they kept the front of the building

.Ritual abuse programming memories

 This is Yarmouth, UK
Memories of occult abuse retrieved here,,

 MK ultra silencing, accessing, and reporting alters ( continued on from Breaking no speak programming video)


.MK ultra 'No Hear ; programming ,following on from silencing 


Breaking No Speak programming from Cult-ure to MK Ultra


 MK ultra 'NO see' programming , invisability, reinforcing programming ,,accessing/reporting alters 


MK Ultra Invisability programming package


 Invisability of truth, a video I made for Fbm it s not shared to twitter and then time limit on URL


 MK Ultra : the Gatekeeper explained


 Breaking no see (MK Ultra) programming page of my website